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The Hours of Darkness

In 2019 we were commissioned by Appetite Stoke to create a piece of work for their Light Night in Burslem. We created something brand new which featured a large brain on which we projected films that we had created with our group. There was also a soundtrack which was an integral part of the piece.

We worked with local artists Richard Redwin, Hilary Hughes & Toby White to create this work.

We also worked with international artists Florence Jauberthie & Sukesan Moorthy.

Richard Redwin made the frame of the brain including lighting design.

Hilary Hughes worked with our group to create paintings which were turned into animations by Florence and Sukesan. 

Toby made the sountrack. 

Members of the group performed in the films, painted the creatures and helped build the brain along with coming up with the ideas for the piece. You can see and hear the final product below.

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