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Atlas to Recovery

Atlas to Recovery was a multi-arts project involving professional artists and facilitators Susan Clarke, Saul Hewish, Kath Stanway, Dan Higgs, Siobhan Mcaleer, Fateha Begum, Andrea Joseph, James Earls-Davis, Emily Andrews and Cynthia Coady working with B arts Advisory Group and Volunteer Performers, The Social Agency, ASHA, Changes and Growthpoint.

The broad theme of the project was recovery, particularly from periods of mental ill health.

Each community group worked with two or more artists and facilitators to create an exhibit of four large interactive maps, made using decoupage.


This interactive exhibition opened in the B arts building on Saturday 1st April 2023.

These maps, based on a type of medieval map called a mappa mundi, told stories of people’s experiences, expressed in imagery and text. Each map included a number of buttons that, when pressed, triggered audio recordings of stories and the accompanying the exhibit had a musical soundtrack.

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