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Harry Potter Sweded

You've seen Harry Potter but have you seen a trailer of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Sweded? If you haven't seen the Michel Gondry film "Be Kind Rewind" then this might not make a lot of sense to you, but that's okay as we will explain it now. 

In the film Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black's character works in a Video rental Shop and one day he accidentally wipes all of the films from the video tapes because he was magnetised! He then recreates some of the films with friends and only the equipment that he has at his disposal, he claims these new versions of the films come all the way from Sweden and that's why they take so long to arrive in the shop - and that's where the word Sweded comes from. 

In 2018 Florence Jauberthie & Sukesan Moorthy two artists and film makers from Paris asked if we would like to make a Sweded film trailer with them and we of course we had to say yes. We worked with them over a couple of days to make a hilariously brilliant remake of the Harry Potter and The Prizoner of Azkaban trailer, we will be sharing that here soon, so watch this space!

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